Autumn leaves under my feet

A clouded sky

Rain drops falling down

I´m walking all alone

Wish you were close to me

And hold me tight

Why are you so far away?


*Trees with red, green, golden leaves

So colourful

All your loving words

Are coming to my mind

Lately we´ve been talking

About things of life

Now you are so far, my love*

When we are together

I´ll give all my love to you

I´m saving within my heart

You must know

I´m dreaming all this time

Till that magic moment arrives.....

Then at night we´ll walk near the sea

And try to count all stars high above

Never before I´ve had such a feeling and

I know the only reason is really you

I´m missing your warmth

Your loving arms

Everything reminds me of you

Even if nothing looks the same

**Rain drops and tears run down muy face

But I go on my way all alone

Thinking all this time of you and

Wanting to be lost in you endlessly

Longing to be loved eternally

But autumn leaves cover my way to you**

( puente) y repetir con voz: * *