Deep in my heart, deep in my soul

Living a dream of love

You are so special, you are the one

I have been waiting for so long

Believe me, it´s because of you

Hope this will not break my heart

Life is going on and we are still apart

Just close my eyes, pretend you´re there

Feeling your arms around me

Wonder if we´ll be together

And prove my dream is coming true

Believe me, it´s because of you

Each tear I cried the other night

May be you´ll go your way 

And I must stay 

Oh, darling, how much I long for you

I´d like to caress you tenderly

Lost in sweet dreams

Wish I never awake...

Blue sky above, glittering sea

Wish you could share the beauty I see

Sunshine so bright , gentle breeze all around 

Love can be so strange

Sometimes we don´t know

What happens inside of us

Never thought that I could feel the way I do 

You´ll always be in my heart