SUNSHINE OF LOVE ©                                               


I love you so, can´t live without you

I´m thinking of you night and day

You mean the sunshine of love in my life 

With you all dark clouds disappear

Last night I saw a bright shooting star

And wished you´ll always be there

On wings of love we´ll find our way

To face what the future might bring


Sunshine of love, you brought the light to my life

Thank you for loving me so, hm, hm, hm

Sunshine of love, you are my beautiful you

I´m singing this love song for you

I love you so, sweet moments sublime

When you´re holding me in your arms

You make me feel oh so happy and safe

With you there´s no sorrow, no pain


Yesterday I saw a rainbow so nice  

And wished you´ll always love me 

On wings of magic my dreams become real

And hope that it never will change


Sunshine of love, your are the best of my life 

I feel like all women in love, hm, hm, hm 

Sunshine of love, I have been waiting so long 

To find someone so special like you  

(puente instrumental) 


Sunshine of love, you make me feel like a queen

Thank you for hundred details, hm, hm, hm

Sunshine of love, my unforgettable you 

I´ve never been so in love as with you