Once I had a Dream


 ONCE  I  HAD  A  DREAM ©       




 Something in the air                                                                    

 To make me feel there´s still                                                             

 Someone but surely many miles away                                                         

 Perhaps he´s (she´s) my twin soul                                                               

 But something in my dream                                                              

 Makes me see the one is really far, so far                                                    

 Go on dreaming heart                                                          

 For now the only way                                                           

 To feel this special state of play                                           

 Who knows which kind of fate may still arrive         


 Many days have passed                                                                    

 But at some point somehow  

 The meaning of my dream was oh so clear              

 I want you in my world                                                                                

 Share time I´m still alive                                                                              

 Wherever you may stay for now, so  

 Take a change my heart                                                       

 And find the way to go                                                         

 To meet the one I sometimes saw                             

 Just only on my screen and in my dream                 



 Once I had a dream of someone                                                                  

 I´ve never ever seen before                                                  

 Surely only on the screen                                                                 

 I´ve just in front of me                                                                      

 Heaven make it happen  

 That some day I´ll find the one                                                                              

  Who fills my heart and soul                                                             

  With something oh so beautiful 


  Once I had a dream of music                                                               

  I ´d like listen close to him (her), oh, oh                                                       

 Sure that somewhere in the world                            

 My twin soul even doesn´t know                                                                              

 Oh, listen, I´ll cross the ocean                                                                  

 Or fly high, no matter how                                                               

 To go to get to you                                                                           

 My dream so far, my precious love 

Songs of love so sweet remind me of my dream

Just helping me not to forget

Life is going on on all the fixed paths                                                                                              

So never ever I´ll be wrong   

Once I´ve crossed the sky                                                    

Wherever I may land                                               

I´m free from fear to live my life                              

To face my destiny, the love I dreamt                                   


            (puente instrumental siguiente parte) **                  

            *(Once I had a dream of someone..........I´ve just in front of me)*                                                               


  Heaven make it happen that some day I´ll find the one                                                        

  Who fills my heart and soul                                     

   With something oh so beautiful                                            


   Once I had a dream of music                                                           

    I´d like listen close to him (her), oh, oh                                                       

   Sure that somewhere in the world                                        
    My twin soul even doesn´t know                                                                 

    Oh listen, I´ll cross the ocean                                                                    

    Or fly hig, no matter how                                                             

    To get to you, to get to you                                                                          

     My dream so far, my always precious love